Sunday, March 7, 2010

James Ferraro - Live 12/07/09

one 36 minute track, but i've altered it on itunes to start around 7
and a half minutes in . . . frankly, i just didn't get anything out of the
the beginning. you should be able to change this to your liking in itunes,
or whatever, anyway.

that being said, this is a nice piece that sounds like a slowed-down mix between
heaven's gate & marble surf -- less variation, but pleasant/calm sounds

Sun Ra - The Magic City

today it's very gloomy out, and i'm feeling lazy.

so for lack of a legit description, here is some
jazz that perfectly suits its album artwork.

Sun Ra - Sound of Joy

some wonderful sun ra

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black Dice - Chocolate Cherry

EP from 2009 -- 3 short songs (bout 2:17 each). last 2 are best.


Black Dice - Smiling Off

smiling off was one of the first tracks i heard by black dice and

one of my favorites -- there are some rad remixes on here

so check it out if smiling off is yr fancy . .

B D - S O

Religious Girls - Open Your Heart To Fantasy

to me this sounds like a solid hybrid between animal collective
and dan deacon. fun and energetic.

John Coltrane post

classic jazz greatness from Coltrane, only heard these thru
a few times each, but favorites are probably Dear Old Stockholm,
and Bye Bye Blackbird, followed closely by Crescent and Blue Train,
then Giant Steps. . . . click titles to download